Committee for an Open Waterfront - Newburyport, Massachusetts, USA


Newburyport residents have waited for years for either the city or the NRA to respond to citizens’ overwhelming support for an open publicly-owned park on the city’s waterfront. But since then there has been little movement toward creating a plan for the park.

As time drags on, construction costs continue to rise and frustrations are also rising.

And so COW has decided to lend a helping hand to the process!

Through an imaginative and innovative process, COW has constructed a 3D model of the central waterfront. The model is designed to be a practical planning tool that is easy to use.


The base model shows the existing conditions but the ingenious part of the model is that the NRA East and West lots can be removed and alternative plans can be inserted.

COW has made east and west lot inserts of its own that show a revised version of COW’s 2013 vision for our waterfront park. The revision actually makes the park bigger than COW’s 2013 vision while still retaining a significant amount of parking.

COW is offering model insert "blanks" to groups who are interested in preparing their own ideas for the central waterfront. 

The COW 3D model and updated 2016 concept for the Central Waterfront is on display at the Custom House Maritime Museum (CHMM) for two months (15 September – 15 November).  We encourage everyone to visit the museum and see our updated COW concept and our innovative use of the open space for park, parking, ways to the water, and the rail trail. 


In May 2014 the public explicitly told the NRA it wants a  public park on the waterfront.  And what has happened since that time? 

Watch and learn.

 What is an Open Waterfront Park?  

Why are so many cities turning their waterfront land into a park? Why should Newburyport create a park on its waterfront? 

[Woody Guthrie’s “This Land is Your Land”,  arranged and performed by Craig Duncan from the album titled “The Country Mountain America”, generously provided by Green Hill Music]

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